Introducing Limited Edition Collectible NFTs on IMVU!

Limited edition collectible NFTs are live on IMVU! 

Users now have the chance to collect limited edition NFT items for their avatar to wear.

To learn about NFTs, and how they’ll function on IMVU, head to the Learn sections.

Benefits of Collectible NFTs on IMVU

Exclusive badge and gold name for NFT owners

Ability to resell NFT Exclusives  in the Shop

Creators earn royalties for all future resells

Purchase & sell NFT Exclusives using VCOIN

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Minimizing Environmental Impact

Minimizing the environmental impact of NFTs is a top priority for our team. Working with Immutable X, our NFTs will use approximately 475,000 times less energy than NFTs minted through Ethereum.

With Immutable X’s carbon offsetting program, NFTs created by MetaJuice will be fully carbon neutral through purchasing carbon credits.

What is an NFT?

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are exclusive, collectible items with a digital certificate of ownership that is tracked on a public blockchain for authenticity. An NFT will allow anyone who owns an exclusive item, whether it’s a unique pair of shoes or a custom outfit, to verify that they are the official owner of that individual item.

What types of NFTs will be available?

Since an NFT is the certificate of ownership, nearly anything can be an NFT! On IMVU, you will be able to buy NFT clothing, hair, and some accessories, but over time you’ll be able to buy poses, furniture, and more! In other places, NFTs can include music, in-game land, photos, videos, and more.

Why is IMVU bringing NFTs to the platform?

We believe that Creators are best served when they are able to exert control over their art and continue to earn while their products gain new life and earn royalties through resales. Additionally, IMVU users will be able to truly own their products, with the ability to resell them. In the future, we plan to implement additional benefits and features related to NFT collectibles. For example, you may be able to access special IMVU rooms or take your NFT off platform into compatible metaverses, etc.

What's the environmental impact of NFTs on IMVU?

Almost none. Unlike many NFTs that primarily use Ethereum, Immutable X’s partnership with MetaJuice makes NFT transactions free of gas fees. It also allows us to use far less energy. With batched zero-knowledge proofs, Immutable X uses rollup technology to compress the amount of information required to trade or create NFT Exclusives. Compared to Ethereum, minting NFTs uses 475,000 times less energy consumption.

How can I create my own NFTs?

Minting your own NFTs on IMVU will come at a later date, but you will be able to do so the same way you create any item(s) on IMVU. You can find details on the creation process and how to get started as an IMVU Creator at

When will NFTs launch on IMVU?

NFTs are currently live on IMVU with the launch of our NFT Exclusives! Limited Edition NFTs are coming soon.